Beads Sequence


Brand: Viga

Age: 3+ Years

Our Psychologist recommends this as it helps with:
• Fine motor skills
• Visual perception
• Hand-eye coordination
• Pattern recognition

This fun and educational wooden bead sequence by Viga comes complete in a sturdy wooden tray that doubles as the station for this wooden educational toy. The tray comes complete with pre-drilled holes to position wooden rods and grooved timber to slot in the 10 pattern panels. Position a tab in the grooved channel on the tray and a wooden rod in the hold facing the tab, then place the coloured beads on the wooden pole in the same sequence as the tab. You can choose to position all 10 pattern panels and 10 wooden poles in the tray at once and complete one pattern at a time. This bead sequencing set comes with 2 cords where you can also choose to sequence beads as per pattern panels or create your own designs.

Contents include: 72 beads, 10 pattern panels, 10 round sticks and 2 cords.