Orchard Toys

Mini Games Pack (6 x games)


Brand: Orchard Toys
Age: 3-8 Years

Our Psychologist recommends this as it helps with:
• Cognitive skills
• Turn-taking
• Executive functioning

1st Edition Travel-Sized Mini Games - Perfect for Fun at Home and Away Smaller than any of our other games, these economical travel-sized mini games are perfect for fun and learning both at home and away. Based on traditional gameplay, Mini Games provide fun for all the family. Our compact pack contains SIX different challenging games:

Look for the following collectable Mini Game titles:
Penguin Pairs Mini Game: A fun bingo game featuring your favourite Orchard Toys characters!
Jungle Snakes & Ladders Mini Game: A fun, travel size version of the popular family classic.
Dinosaur Dominoes Mini Game: Match the friendly dinosaur characters in this fun packed travel size game!
Build a Beetle Mini Game: Who will build their beetle first in this travel size game?
Little Bus Lotto Mini Game: Collect animal passengers for your bright little bus in this fun travel size lotto game.
Crocodile Snap Mini Game: This travel size game features a fun twist on the traditional game of snap!